11 of the best Linux and open source courses

We list some of the best places to gain open source skills



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As more companies opt for open source software, many IT pros are looking to brush up on their open source skills or gain totally new ones.

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And with Linux being one of the most popular open source platforms Computerworld UK looks at the top Linux training ideal for UK IT pros.

Here are 11 of the best places to learn Linux and open source skills...

1. The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation provides various online training courses designed for everyone from introductory to advanced Linux users.

Courses are delivered via a virtual classroom and the site is easily searchable to help users find the right course.

The Linux Foundation classes fall into three categories: Linux programming and development training, enterprise IT and Linux system administration training, and open source compliance courses.

It really provides such an impressive amount of Linux courses, it should be your first port of call for online training courses. 

Pricing for virtual classes is in the region of $2,950 (£2,363), making it one of the most expensive training providers listed.

2. Udemy


Udemy offers probably the largest range of IT-related courses, from devops and automation to network security management and programming languages.

The main benefit of Udemy is that courses can be filtered by your experience, meaning that you can find a class that is at the right level for you. It offers Linux and more broader open source online classes at a fraction of the price of others listed.

Although, the format and certification of the Udemy courses is definitely limited, meaning that for proper open source certification you should look elsewhere.

Udemy is ideal for those wanting to brush up on open source skills or informally learn a new Linux skill online.

Prices usually start at around £15, but Udemy sometimes puts these on sale for as low as £10.

3. QA


QA is an extremely highly regarded and well established course provider, with remote and virtual classrooms as well as physical classes on offer.

You can also get certified with QA as it works with partners such as Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware and more.

QA hosts courses that are aimed at existing IT pros as well as people with relatively little experience. 

You can search for courses via sector or skill and select whether you want to attend a classroom course of an 'attend from anywhere' class. 

To find out prices, you'll need to contact a rep.

4. Lynda.com


Lynda works on a monthly subscription basis, which gives you unlimited access to its library of online courses from a wide range of tech disciplines.

Lynda is owned by Microsoft and has a good selection of Linux and open source courses. You can filter content by topics, software and learning paths, and even buy group classes for whole teams within its business section. 

To get full access to Lynda.com it will cost £23 ($30) per month.

5. Linux Professional Institute

Linux Professional Institute

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) offers fully certified online Linux courses from a range of over 400 LPI 'partners', including University of Greenwich, University of Birmingham, Firebrand Training Ltd and The Urban Penguin.

Providing hands-on training, LPI partners will offer Linux training and the relevant exams needed for full certification.

The certified courses are intense so are ideal for IT pros wanting to make a career move into open source or implement Linux within their organisation. Those looking for the basics might want to choose a self-paced online class.  

The LPI does provide some free courses while others begin at around £60. 

6. Red Hat

Red Hat

With Red Hat claiming to be the most used open source platform for modern data centres, IT pros might want to consider building their Linux skills via Red Hat's training programmes.

Red Hat offers a variety of open source training courses and certified tests, from Linux to OpenStack. These tests cost about £550 and they can be taken in a physical classroom, online or at your workplace.

But for those just wanting to dip their toe in the open source pool, Red Hat offers Linux 'basics' training for free in a virtual classroom.

If you are buying courses for a whole department or team, you might want to consider the Red Hat Learning Subscription

For £3,720, you'll receive 21 training units, one year's access to all Red Hat online learning and video classroom courses and certification exams.

7. CBT Nuggets

CBT Nuggets

CBT Nuggets offers self-paced, video-led online open source training from open source experts and certified CBT Nugget trainers.

Working on a monthly subscription basis, CBT Nuggets makes all video content available offering training in open source disciplines such as Linux, Ubuntu and Hadoop (to name a few).

CBT Nugget's training features practice exams, virtual labs, offline training (via video downloads) and a variety of supporting documents to supplement the videos.

8. Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Open source is just one of the many disciplines that the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) offers.

The MVA provides a free online learning resource, and provides numerous videos on open source practices and how this open source training can be implemented within a Microsoft environment.

The MVA is ideal for those running or working within a Microsoft office or those moving to Azure.

The training videos offer modules and assessments with many requiring no prerequisite skills.  

9. NobleProg


NobleProg offers a large amount of IT training, providing online, classroom and private lessons. Its open source training includes Linux, OpenStack, Hadoop and more.

What's more, NobleProg also provides exam preparation for the Linux Professional Institute Certification.

As an example, an introductory course to Linux will cost around £2,200 to £3,200.

10. The Virtual Training Company

The Virtual Training Company

The Virtual Training Company (VTC) is an online training provider that offers a broad series of Linux tutorials. Like CBT Nuggets, VTC works on a monthly subscription basis which allows members to have access to its full list of online training videos, working out at over 1,000 video courses in total.

For an independent IT pro, single membership will cost $30 per month, but for IT managers looking to provide open source training for a whole team, it will cost $20 per user per month.

For those just wanting a single course, it will cost $39.

11. Global Knowledge

Global Knowledge

Global Knowledge is an IT and business training platform that provides training courses across many disciplines and infrastructures.

Offering virtual learning, classroom training and self-paced e-learning resources, Global Knowledge offers open source training through companies such as Hadoop, Cisco and IBM.

Global Knowledge's courses can cost around £2,200.

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