Little Known Ways To Market Like A Pro On Social Media

Little Known Ways To Market Like A Pro on Social Media

I talk frequently about social media and the great return on investments you can get by using it as a sales funnel for your business.

The thing with social media is inactivity is never good, posting frequently is a proven method of achieving success. If you are like me and you run a blog and have a full time job then you know it's not easy to engage and post frequently on social media, but at the same time, you need to find a balance of promoting your content and writing content that is actually worth sharing.

Fortunately, I discovered ways I can publish on Social media just like a marketing pro and still give a 100% of my attention at work,

I'm sure you're wondering how I do this?

I use Publishing Tools! Yes, this is how I am able to be present on social media and direct traffic to my website without actually sending out every single tweet or Facebook post.

This article actually was inspired by another article "39 essential online marketing tools to boost your blogging experience" which has since become my most popular article in recent months.

I shared 21 fascinating social media tools, not necessarily publishing tools but just general tools to help you boost you daily posts, interested? Learn More

#1 Buffer

My Buffer Account ScreenShot

It definitely had to be number one on my list.

Since I launched this blog it's all I've been using for my promotion, truth is you're probably here because of a post you saw I published on social media.

I am not ashamed to admit that I schedule all my social media posts, occasionally I reply to DM's and mentions.

I schedule daily as opposed to weekly simply because I want to feed off my most popular tweets of the day and post similar ones for the next day or stick to a certain theme.

I put a lot of thought in my tweets before I write them I try to be as engaging as possible and relate to my audience as much as I can.

Buffer's social media blog is also a great addition to an already awesome tool.

Quick Tip: Install the browser plugin, it lets you share, buffer and post pages that you have visited on social media.

#2 WordPress

Wordpress ScreenShot

I mean seriously this had to be number two.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management platforms in the world.

If your website is not running on there here are reasons why you MUST make that transition.

WordPress gives you hundreds of social media plugins.

Choosing one over the other will depend on the platforms that you use frequently, the kind of content you publish on your website and the placement of social tools that complements you website design.

Giving your readers an option of sharing your articles on social media while there are on your website, is a great way of getting traffic to your website.

I personally use SumoMe plugin, love love love it!

#3 Zemanta [Bonus]

Zemanta Plugin Screenshot

Zemanta is a content syndication platform that helps you distribute your content to a variety of users.

I have used Zemanta from day one and it has been helpful in getting my content seen by a new set of eyes half way across the world.

They recommend your content in other popular blogs allowing you to target readers who interested in your niche.

Forget social media if you want to get your content in front of new readers Zemanta is the tool you need.

Take Home,

I use these tools as part of my everyday social media and online marketing strategy, by no means I'm I saying that they are the only tools you can use.

They have worked great for me for me so far I hope they work just as well for you.

Do you know of any other great tools I missed out on or forgot to mention?

Leave a comment below and let me know, I would love to hear from you  and share them with my readers.

I would like to know what challenges you have experienced when setting up your business website?

Would you like to know more about setting up your own website?

You can email me or 

As always I would love to help and hear from you as well please leave a comment below and let's keep talking!

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