New #SocialMedia Platform Alert! Is Baaz a Game-Changer?

There's a new discovery and sharing platform that is going to redefine how you use social media to find trending topics and news. It's called Baaz.

[This post was sponsored by Baaz. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.]

As an avid social media user myself, I'm often flipping from one app to another to see what's trending across multiple networks.

I start my day by heading over to Twitter and checking the day's moments and trending feed. (I'm usually doing this while watching The Today Show and they're pretty much talking about the same things I'm thumbing through.)

Once I've consumed all of that, I head over to Facebook and see what my friends are talking about while also checking out what's in the "Trending" box.

After that, I usually head over to YouTube to find what's new and trending over there.

This seems like a lot of work, doesn't it?

Does it have to be that way? Do I really have to go from app to app, social network to social network just to get a perspective on what people are talking about?

Well, not anymore.

Say 'hello' to Baaz.

baaz big picturebaaz big picture

Baaz is a new social platform I've recently come across that is different from the others. How is it different?

You can connect all your most important social channels into one feed.

whoa gifwhoa gif

Yes, that's right—your Twitter, and YouTube feeds in one, unified, sortable, filterable stream. Plus you can also see your own Facebook posts stream inside Baaz.

This eliminates the need to visit multiple different networks, saving tons of time switching between apps.

As a social media manager, my eyes literally almost popped out of my head when I saw this. I immediately saw that this was going to give me a significant productivity boost curating content throughout my week.

Additionally, Baaz also has its own social layer where you can post your content to the platform, while also cross-posting it to Twitter and Facebook.

Now, let's spend some time dissecting how Baaz works, and then I'll talk about how you can take advantage of it for your own social presence.

Getting started on Baaz

To get started, you simply need to head over to and sign up for an account. It's a pretty standard process.

baaz sign up buttonbaaz sign up button

You can then fill out all your profile information by following the prompts.

baaz sign up formbaaz sign up form

It's not likely that you'll have many friends and family using the platform already, but at least you know you have one friend there already—me! Early adopters unite!

You can also download the iPhone or Android app if you prefer.

Discovering Trends and News

This is probably my favorite part about Baaz. The trending feeds are a great place to get a quick look at the topics and news stories that are being talked about most.

trending on baaztrending on baaz

When logged in, simply click on the "Trending" tab and you'll be shown a list of the day's hottest news.

You can sort these stories by:

This makes it super easy to discover the most relevant stories for you.

Posting to Baaz

Publishing content one Baaz is just as easy as you would expect from a modern day platform.

There is a "Share what's new" box in the top-left of the feed for you to create a new post.

miniaturized post box on baazminiaturized post box on baaz

post box on baazpost box on baaz

When you click in the box, you can type out your message as well as upload up to 20 images or a single video.

baaz image uploadbaaz image upload

You can also control the privacy of your post in the drop-down next to your name. You're able to post to:

  • Everyone: public, anyone on Baaz can discover it.
  • Friends and Their Friends: the people you're "Friends" with and the people your Friends are Friends with.
  • My Friends: only your friends (not their friends too).
  • Only me: only you can see it.

However, there are some added features Baaz has when posting, that are unlike other social networks.

Cross-posting to Twitter and Facebook

For those of us who like to be super efficient, you can connect both your Twitter and Facebook accounts and post to them directly from Baaz!

cross-posting option on baazcross-posting option on baaz

Just create your post as you normally would, and then click on your Twitter and/or Facebook profile picture to activate them for cross posting.

If the profile picture/icon is in black and white, it means you haven't selected it. If it's in color, it has been selected and will be posted do when you click the "Post" button.

You know how much I love my social media management tools for efficient posting to multiple networks. So, of course, I love this feature.


Unlike other social networks, Baaz allows you to add "keywords" to your posts to help give it more context.

keywords option on baazkeywords option on baaz

You can manually enter your keywords by clicking the "+" icon next to the words "Add keywords…" in the post box.

The app will detect keywords automatically for you if you don't manually select them. This is a very cool feature.

However, if you don't want it to automatically detect keywords, you can easily turn that feature off.

I recommend keeping the feature on as it might save you some time in having to add things manually. It's very easy to delete keywords that may have been auto-detected if you don't want them there.

There is currently a limit of five keywords per post.. This is definitely a good thing as you wouldn't want people to start keyword spamming. That could get out of control quickly.

Messaging on Baaz

Just like every social thing these days, there is a private messaging feature that allows you to communicate privately with your Friends within the platform.

You can access the "chat" messaging feature from the bottom of your screen (on a desktop) or in the "Messages" section on the left side of your screen.

messaging feature on baazmessaging feature on baaz

On mobile, this is found under the "Discussions" tab.

inside baaz messageinside baaz message

You can send individual private messages, or start a group message with multiple people.

First Movers Advantage

Like any new social thing, the people who are there first and begin to grow their presence get the biggest advantage. Hence the phrase "first movers advantage."

big deal gifbig deal gif

This is how influencers are born.

For those of you who like trying out new shiny social things, like me, this will be a lot of fun for you. You'll want to invest some time each day creating content on the platform.

The company started in the Middle East and is making a big push into the U.S. market right now. And I think they have a lot of potential for growth.

Being a first-mover on the platform could be highly valuable for you. You may not see huge payoff right away, but if the platform takes off, you'll be in the best position to benefit.

According to the company:

"Over 60% of users are between 18 and 34 and the largest category are aged between 25-34."

So if the audience you're trying to reach is in the 18-34 age category, this is the time to get started.

Closing Thoughts on Baaz

see the world clearly baazsee the world clearly baaz

Personally, I always love new shiny social platforms. And I can typically spend more hours than I should diving into them without being able to get a ton of value from it right away.

However, because Baaz is combining the social feeds and trending topics across platforms for me, there is an immediate value added to my time there.

Baaz has effectively streamlined my news aggregation, global trends, and content curation… and I've only been on it for two weeks!

So join me over on Baaz and tell me what you like most about it in the comments below!

There's a new discovery and sharing platform that is going to redefine how you use social media to find trending topics and news. It's called Baaz. #socialmedia There's a new discovery and sharing platform that is going to redefine how you use social media to find trending topics and news. It's called Baaz. #socialmedia

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