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How to create effective Facebook Ad campaigns:

A Step-by-Step Ultimate Free Guide to how to Advertising on Facebook Ad campaigns by using Social Media Marketing Objectives

Hello,  one more interesting topic will discuss here, everyone still a little bit confuses regarding how to create effective Facebook campaigns.

Are you confusing, creating Facebook campaigns?

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First of all, Everyone needs understanding the basic rules and fundamentals of Facebook campaigns can help you avoid regular mistakes & save cost and time.

In this article, you will find how to create effective Facebook ad campaigns.

Before you creating campaigns on Facebook advertising, you need to have a plan of strategy, Decide which type of campaigns strategy is suitable for your business and brand, In Facebook almost ten types of marketing objectives available.

Facebook provides wide types of marketing paid objectives and placements, but every campaign can flow down into three major factors i.e. Campaigns, Ad sets, Ads.

Campaigns – The campaigns are a combination of all of your assets.

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Ad sets – for suppose if your target particular interest audience with different behavior, definitely you will need a separate ad set.

Ads – every ad set having a wide range of ads, your final ads live within your ad sets.

FaceBook Ads campaignDetermine the most suitable tool and marketing objective –

Facebook provides users with two tools for creating campaigns, the power editor, and ads manager. When you decide which one is the best tool for you if talk about Ads manager, the best tool for most brands and business. For the theme of the article, KiTek Group going into details how to create campaigns using the ad manager.

Are you creating first set up campaigns on Facebook?

Don't worry, first of all, go to the right side of the bar in your Facebook account, here you can find create the adverts. Now go to create adverts, here you find marketing objectives

  • Now go to create adverts, here you will find marketing objectives.

FaceBook Ads campaign

  • Choose one of marketing objectives; the ad manager will promote you to once choose a marketing objective for your campaign.
  • In Facebook offers different types of marketing objectives available, the list covers traffic to your website and get installs of your app and brand awareness.
  • You can find you with the best-suited ads options, below mention ads option types; you can choose which ads option more suitable for your brand or business.  [bha size='160×600′ variation='01' align='alignright']
  • Page Post Engagements
  • Page Likes
  • Click to Website
  • Website Conversions
  • Event responses
  • App Installs
  • App Engagement
  • Event Responses
  • Offer Claims
  • Video Views
  • Local Awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Store visits
  • Product catalog sales
  • Reach
  • Brand awareness

– After choosing marketing objective, now you can set up account info, you can choose your currency and time zone.

Create your custom audience –

  • The next step in the campaign is the advert set; here you can choose your audiences, placements, budget and schedule.

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Choose Demographics and Interests –

  • If you target your audiences is the use of demographics and interest options, you can choose demographic, i.e. locations, age, gender, and language..

Facebbok advertising Campaign
If you have custom audience data, i.e. create and use custom audience and look like the audience.

  • You can create a custom audience, you can select categories: Customer File, Website Traffic, App Activity, and Engagement on Facebook.
  • You can choose categories of a custom audience and upload, import a data list of your target audience when creating website custom audience, you can use the Facebook pixel and conversion tracking options, easily track your visitors of actions.
  • The app activity custom audiences provide you to people who have completed a particular action in your application. Engagement custom audience provides people who have more interest in your brand or business content.

Detailed Targeting –

  • Next one detailed targeting, in this section you can choose your audience by interest, behaviors, Demographics, and more categories.


  • Here you can choose to add a connection type, connection option provides four types of categories, and they are Facebook pages, Apps, Events, and advanced combinations.
  • In these categories, you can choose people who like your page, App, and friends of people who used your page, app and also select events, include, and exclude people from advanced

Placements –

  • Choose your campaign ad placement, mainly Facebook provides two types of placements.
  • Automatic placements 2) edit placements.
  • Show your ads to the right people and right placements section, Facebook recommended automatic placements section.
  • If talk about edit placements, here you can choose device types, platforms, specific mobile devices, operating systems and one more option is available you can select exclude categories also.

Budget & schedule –

  • Next important sections are choosing your budget and schedule option. Facebook offers daily budget and lifetime budget.
  • Choose which time is suitable to run your campaigns, in the schedule section.

FaceBook Ads campaign budget

Advert Delivery –

  • You can select delivery type of campaign; there are three types of delivery types, 1) Post Engagement – deliver your ads to the right people
  • Impressions – deliver your ads people as so many times as possible.
  • Daily unique Reach – deliver your ads to people as up to once a day
  • Bid Strategy – automatic and manual bidding options are available on the Facebook ad campaign.
  • Delivery type – standard (recommended and run your ads selected scheduled time of period) and accelerated (deliver and show your ads quick as possible)

Facebbok advertising Campaign

Set up your ad creative –

  • The final step of campaign creation is added and test ad creative, and you can select page post, upload your images, videos; create slid shares, canvas, and carousel.
  • A Type of marketing objectives, ad creative will change, some of the marketing objectives need header text and description, website URL, and Play store or App store URL's for App like campaigns.
  • Once set up and test your ad creative's go to place orders and adding, choose a payment method. Your ad approved, you get a notification about campaign status.

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Overall Conclusion – 

  • Before creating your Facebook Ad campaigns, you need to define your plan of action and campaign strategy. Increase your brand awareness and business by using different marketing objectives.
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Still, if you have any questions. Please feel free and email us:


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