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I am yet to count any complete 5 aspects of human life which is not being done online today. From the purchase of daily items like groceries to complex issues like putting a child up for adoption to mention but a few, the internet experiences these and many more. Virtually everything is online, and now there has been a paradigm shift from the normal internet thing to an era of money being online; they call it cryptocurrency.

Despite the mellifluous advantages all cryptos pose to have, they are yet to face a couple of stumbling blocks and search for solutions. But before the challenges come, some smart minds have seen some and have already prepared solutions. They call them CLOUT. See for more.

Just imagine the cryptomarket to be a wide range of shops which deal on different products but are at distinct locations which are far apart. In such a scenario, Clout stands out to be a whole lot of things in one. It can be compared to be a big shopping mall which offers you where you can get a lot of things, a shop guide which tells you where to find certain products you need, an adviser which gives hints against the bad brands in the store and a good "uncle" who rewards everybody for their presence. That's not all, you have not seen nothing yet. If you are as curious a fellow as I am, you will enjoy reading this Allow me to give you a tour into the cloud of Clout.


User-generated content drives billions of dollars' worth of revenue every year. However, all the value created through the monetization of this content never reaches the user themselves. It is instead used by a group of fellows who are big social media shareholders. On another ground, the lack of curation that is put into this content creates an ecosystem where fake news and misleading information thrive.

It is because of these crisis and injustice that Clout had to step in into the arena of play. CLOUT aims to solve the issues by creating a new social-media platform where curation is incentivized and where advertising revenue is shared with the content creators, thus spreading the wealth that is generated through digital content and further advancing the overall ethos of decentralization and cryptocurrencies.

CLOUT is a blockchain-based platform for the cryptocurrency community. A place where all sorts of information about the space can be accessed and shared. CLOUT leverages blockchain technology as an incentive layer for both users and readers, rewarding them for acting in the platform's best interests. Action here does not just include those who put up originating posts alone; it further includes even those participants who just leave useful comments. You can get to feed from the pot of knowledge by clicking here


Blockchain is somewhat new on the online block but its impact is so tremendous that it can sweep you off your feet. Blockchain technology works as a digital, distributed ledger in which transactions, balances, wallet addresses, and more are chronologically recorded. Information stored on the blockchain is both public and immutable.

The blockchain has made an immense impact on society and it is here to stay. Major businesses and corporations have not been able to deny the technological and financial advancements that blockchain technology brings to the world to the extent that it has even been implemented by many established institution all over the world. Catch a glimpse of these and many more super facts at

With the blockchain tech built on smart contracts, you can only expect iron-cast protection of data, transparency, efficiency, speed in processing and many more.

The diagram below indicates the deployment of Clout technology.


CLOUT and CLC act as a utility token(s). Like the Proof of Stake mining concept, CLC is generated by holding CLOUT. This ensures that those who receive the CLC token have a vested interest in the CLOUT platform, which directly incentivizes them to act in its best interest.

The initial amount of CLC is equal to the amount of CLOUT and will be distributed to the token sale participants at a 1–1 ratio. Only 100 million CLOUT tokens will ever be created. A maximum of 1 billion CLC will be generated throughout the lifetime of the CLOUT Platform.

The sale of tokens will be done in two tiers;

-Pre-ICO stage

-Main ICO stage

The first stage shall be as follows;

After the completion of the pre-ICO, the main ICO follows and it shall be carried out thus;

CLC publishing schedule:

  1. Post ICO (Nov 2017) — 100M
  2. 2. 2018–100M
  3. 2020–100M
  4. 2023–100M
  5. 2027–100M
  6. 2032–100M
  7. 2038–100M
  8. 2045–100M
  9. 2053–100M
  10. 2062–100M

CLOUT Platform allocates token Offer 100 million CLOUT allocated as:

  • 2.5 million tokens are distributed to early adopters of the project during pre-ICO sales
  • 10 million tokens (10%) will be distributed to project proponents during token sales.
  • 30 million tokens (30%) will be used to motivate developers and pay the bounties used to develop the CLOUT Platform.
  • 25 million tokens (25%) will be allocated to CLOUT Fund and will be used to invest in other blockchain projects from time to time, including ICO and / or cryptocurrencies. This investment decision will be based on the highest-rated opportunity by the up-voting member of the CLOUT platform.
  • 22.5 million tokens (22.5%) will be used to motivate the CLOUT developers and overtime executives.
  • 5 million tokens (5%) will be retained by the founders (Released for a period of 20 months)
  • 5 million tokens (5%) will be released every 1 year in the next 5 years, based on certain milestones in the CLOUT roadmap being achieved

To fund the development and marketing of the CLOUT platform and to ensure a fair and transparent distribution method, CLOUT hosts token sales. The CLOUT token sales will be divided into two stages, pre-ICO and ICO prime.


  • 2.5 million tokens (2.5%) will be distributed during Pre-ICO at $ 1 / CLOUT

Pre-ICO begins on September 27 and ends on November 17 or when 2.5 million token CLOUTs are sold. During Pre-ICO, currency, BTC and ETH are accepted. There is a minimum participation requirement of 1 BTC / 10 ETH.


  • 5 million tokens (5%) will be distributed on ICO Stage 1 of $ 2.50 / CLOUT
  • 3 million tokens (3%) will be distributed during Phase 2 of ICO for $ 5 / CLOUT
  • 2 million tokens (2%) will be distributed during Phase 3 of ICO for $ 10 / CLOUT

ICO will commence on 17 November, following Pre-ICO. ICO will last for 30 days (December 17, 2017) or up to 10 million tokens sold. During ICO, BTC and ETH will be accepted. There is a minimum participation amount of 0.5 ETH.

Pre Sale and ICO will conduct the registration process whereby the identity documentation is collected, verified and married with the address of the wallet, phone number and email provided. 2FA will be prompted to authenticate phone number. The identity document must verify the residential address and the email must be confirmed. * Individuals from "high risk" areas or total participation greater than $ 13,160USD need to provide additional data (sources of wealth, funds etc.).

Hard Cap: $ 50 million Individual Cap: $ 1 million

CLOUT token distribution will be done through smart contract. The CLOUT smart contract will be audited by an independent professional company ICOrating ( The unsold tokens during ICO will be burned.


• Sean Kirtz- Founder / President

• Frank Lucido- Co-Founder / Vice President

• Simon Josef- Co-Founder / Design Lead

• David Cohen- CEO

• Destiny Aigbe- General Counsel / Securities Attorney

• Vilma Mattila- International Business

  • Ihor Pidruchny- Tech Team Lead, and other educated minds involved.




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