There were stories that when the crypto-currency began to gain popularity, some users rented cloud computing from Google for free and obtained crypto-currencies. This is an interesting example of using cloud computing, but not the best.
Cloud computing is a model where all applications and their data are located on a remote server on the Internet and a user can access them from their PC or a tablet. Computers that carry out these operations are called a "computing cloud".
There are two main types of a cloud — public and private. Public cloud is intended for free access of a wide audience while private is used by one organization that includes several consumers. One of the companies providing these services is Boosteroid.
BOOSTEROID — is a cloud service platform that provides convenient access to computing power, storages and software products. cloud computer will allow to process video, create 3D-graphics, play games requiring high computer performance or carry out machine learning on any device even on the PC with the lowest performance. The only necessary thing is a stable high-speed internet connection.
Boosteroid will also solve the problem of high rent by reducing cloud computing costs. Thank to the lowest rent the service will become affordable to every World Wide Web user.

Boosteroid app will provide the opportunity to use our services and select needed amount of computing power just in two mouse clicks. It will be possible to pay for the services with BTR tokens as well as USD and EUR.

According to the American consulting firm Gartner, total expenses of users working in the "cloud" reached $209,2 billion in 2016, whereas in 2015 the number was $175 billion. Thus, users' expenses increased by $35 billion within a year. Considering analysts' forecasts expenses for a cloud are to reach approximately $246,8 billion in 2017 and will exceed $380 billion by 2020.

This is a huge market, and technology backed up by blockchain can help the Boosteroid strengthen its position on it.

Such a high demand for these services is caused by an active transition of IT-industry data into cloud. Respectively, information technologies increasingly require high-performance resources to solve a number of tasks from artificial intelligence research to gaming, VR or analytics (Big Data analytics).

Boosteroid project implementation

Technical implementation of the Boosteroid project consists of software and hardware parts.

Hardware part will include a lot of heterogeneous computing systems, combined into a single high-speed infrastructure:

  • servers based on modern general-purpose Intel or AMD processors;
  • servers, which include NVIDIA or AMD graphics accelerators and graphics cards;
  • servers, which include Intel graphics accelerators;
  • high-speed switching equipment.
    Server architecture will be based on:
  • Intel Xeon E5, E7 v4 or 5 processors;
  • AMD EPYC 7000 series processors;
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards;
  • NVIDIA Tesla P100, Tesla V100 and AMD Radeon Instinct graphics accelerators;
  • Intel Xeon Phi 7000 series accelerators.

Sale of BTR tokens in ICO

1 BTR corresponds to the cost of one hour computing power on the basis of eight NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards; two processors Intel Xeon E5 2680v4; RAM 256Gb; SSD 960Gb.

All undigested and undistributed tokens will be destroyed after the ICO is completed.

Payment (exchange) mechanism description

We will develop the exchange service that will allow to make fast exchange between USD, BTC, ETH and BTR without registering and trading on external exchanges. Users will be able to pay with USD, BTC, ETH and BTR tokens.
The exchange service will be integrated into the web interface, where the payment for computing power rent will be made. Exchange rate and payment details will also be displayed there. The exchange rate will be close to that on the cryptocurrency exchanges and will update within particular periods of time. There will be a small charge for the exchange operations. The exchange service will have reserves of USD, BTC, ETH and BTR. Exchange requests will be processed immediately. If the reserves of a particular currency end, the exchange service will automatically order it on external digital currency exchanges. The exchange service will be launched on a separate server and connected to external exchanges, traditional payment systems and cryptocurrency wallets modules. The service will have a public API to accept exchange requests and inform about the current exchange rate and status of eserves.

It is possible to buy BTR tokens on the website during pre-ICO and at all ICO stages.

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January 10, 2018 at 5:01 AM

Wow! It's all the words I have, just WOW! I wish all your ICO business would done well, because this is the service I'd always asked for. Now I can't afford myself to buy a really good graphics card like 1050, but I already sick of trying to deal with my current GPU... For sometime it was even unable to install updates on it without any issues! Lucky me now I got this website where I can download proper NVidia video driver for Windows And now everything is OK with that, but yet there is a lot of other issues what I can fix. So I wish that everything would be good for you guys. Do you have sort of email updates here? Want to stay posted if there would be anything new